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Accessibility testing services

TestDevLab offers a full range of accessibility testing services that are tailored to meet the needs of companies looking to build, improve, and maintain a digital solution that is accessible to everyone and is compliant with the latest accessibility standards and regulations.

When you may need it

Meet legal and ethical requirements

How confident are you that users with disabilities can easily access, navigate, and understand your software solution? Validate your product against key recommendations using our accessibility testing services and improve regulatory compliance.

Consider the needs of your users when building or adding new features to your product. With accessibility testing, you can be sure that your product can be used by all users and is compatible with assistive technologies—like screen readers and magnifiers.

Make sure your product is inclusive to as many people as possible by working with accessibility testing engineers who will identify product weaknesses and provide you with detailed recommendations for improvements.

Accessibility is often a requirement for participation in government tenders. Check if you are eligible to participate in government tenders by evaluating the accessibility of your solution against international and local accessibility standards.

Demonstrate that you are committed to delivering a high-quality product to all of your users equally. Having an accessible product will strengthen your reputation within your industry and improve your relationship with customers and partners.

Keep in mind that accessibility does not just concern people with disabilities—it concerns everyone. Think about different user scenarios, like a noisy environment or non-functional hardware, and how your product comes through for users in such cases.

Check whether your solution is compliant with various international accessibility standards and regulations, like WCAG, EAA, and ADA. Accessibility testing is an efficient way to ensure your product meets all the requirements and mitigate legal risks.

QA engineer using accessibility equipment.
We can help

Implement accessibility testing best practices

Work with accessibility testing experts who will help you follow the best practices to ensure your product is accessible to everyone and compliant with accessibility laws and standards.

Define and implement QA process

Get help with defining the scope of testing and setting up an effective QA process based on the requirements of your project. Start with a well-defined strategy and save yourself a considerable amount of time and resources.

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Perform manual and automated testing

Use a combination of manual and automated testing to detect any issues that may affect accessibility, like compatibility with assistive technology, accuracy of alt texts, and color contrast.

A group of two QA engineers working on their digital accessibility testing projects.

Improve team management

Make sure your team is on the same page by communicating the value of accessibility and establishing clear guidelines for them to follow to ensure an accessible product that adheres to standards.

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Get ongoing accessibility support

No matter where you are on your digital accessibility journey, our accessibility engineers are ready to help you achieve your goals by sharing valuable insights and providing ongoing support throughout.

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Provide training for your team

Our certified accessibility engineers can provide training for your team to ensure they understand the importance of digital accessibility and follow the best testing practices in their daily work.

Digital accessibility engineer working with a laptop.
QA engineer using assistive technology to perform testing.

Simulating different abilities

We use a wide range of accessibility tools and assistive technologies, like interactive braille keyboards, touchscreens, and screen readers to see how well digital solutions cater to the needs of users with different abilities.


Our step-by-step process

We know it can be tough to keep up with all of the accessibility requirements for your organization. That's why we're here. Our experts are ready to provide tailored accessibility testing so you know exactly where your product is falling behind and how it can be improved for better digital accessibility. See our step-by-step process.


Detect and address accessibility issues

Our team of accessibility testing experts will provide you with a detailed accessibility report that will describe all the issues found and give suggestions for further activities.

Regulatory compliance

Rest assured knowing that your solution complies with accessibility standards like WCAG and EAA.

Greater test efficiency

Save a significant amount of time and resources by working with experienced accessibility engineers.

Actionable report

Get an actionable report with valuable insights that will help you improve testing processes.

Improved accessibility

Enjoy the benefits of having a more accessible product that meets the needs of all users.

Enhanced user experience

Deliver a better user experience by having your solution thoroughly tested by accessibility experts.

Competitive advantage

Gain more credibility and differentiate your product from competitors by putting your users first.

How accessible is your solution?

Work with certified accessibility experts and make sure your solution is inclusive, accessible to all users equally, and compliant with accessibility standards.