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From consulting to testing

We provide a wide range of mobile accessibility testing services to secure and maintain the compliance of your digital experiences. Starting from simple consultations to extensive testing activities deeply implemented into your SDLC process.


Our consultancy services are designed for companies exploring the area of accessibility testing. We can guide you through the processes, techniques, standards, and regulations, as well as provide training.


Accessibility audits are perfect to evaluate your product's inclusiveness. Our engineers will test your mobile app against applicable accessibility guidelines and regulations and provide extensive reports with issues found.


To achieve and maintain the highest level of accessibility, we offer a full range of accessibility services, including ongoing support and the ability to implement accessibility testing activities into your CI/CD pipelines.

Guidelines & standards

Meet legal requirements

Follow web accessibility guidelines and regulations to create inclusive digital experiences, expand your audience, and minimize legal risks.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are widely recognized recommendations to deliver accessible digital content across platforms.

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act is a regulation that imposes an obligation for public accommodations and services to ensure inclusive products that deliver good user experiences for individuals with disabilities.

Section 508 is a U.S. federal law requiring electronic and information technologies developed, procured, maintained, or used by federal agencies to be accessible to people with disabilities, including federal employees.

The EAA sets standardized accessibility requirements for certain products and services, including websites, mobile apps, e-books, and e-commerce, across EU member states to deliver inclusive products and services.

The Equality Act 2010 is a UK law protecting disabled individuals from discrimination. It requires reasonable adjustments to websites, apps, and services to provide equal digital access regardless of abilities.

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Balance in accessibility testing

Enabling efficiency while maintaining quality in accessibility testing requires introducing a balance between manual testing and test automation. Our certified accessibility testing engineers can bring this equilibrium.

QA engineer performing manual testing, using 4 different mobile devices.

Manual testing

Based on the International Association of Accessibility and our experience, accessibility testing couldn't exist without manual testing. Manual testing allows mobile accessibility testing engineers perform more extensive testing activities including app responsiveness, assistive technology support, content relevancy, etc.

Test Automation

Automated accessibility testing is excellent for baseline checks, especially for agile development cycles monitoring app changes and basic regressions. In order to perform thorough mobile accessibility testing, test automation should be only a supplement to manual testing activities.

A person setting up a rack of devices dedicated to test automation.
The root cause

Reasons for legal actions

Despite available tools, accessibility shortfalls persist, and usually, that leads to unnecessary legal actions and reputation damage. That can be avoided by implementing accessibility testing from day one.

A hand holding a phone and browsing accessibility scanner settings.
  • Knowledge Gaps

    Native app development tools usually identify accessibility issues, but implementing them thoroughly requires specialized knowledge. This expertise gap leads to incompliance with accessibility standards and regulations, reputation damage, and monetary losses in the long run.

  • Prioritization Misalignment

    Reducing time-to-market is crucial, but minimizing short-term costs by skipping accessibility creates long-term ripple effects. Adjusted internal policies aligning accessibility with core priorities are essential.

Our experience

Working with private and public companies

Years of experience have allowed us to guide companies across industries in building accessible digital products that users love.


Large-scale companies are often the ones taking legal action for incompliance with local and international accessibility standards and regulations. Lucky for you, accessibility testing is in our DNA, and we can help you avoid that.


Integrating accessibility testing at the very beginning of your mobile app development life cycle will have a long-term effect, starting from saved resources to a broadened user base.

Public sector

Accessibility regulations also apply to public entities and compliance is fundamental to avoid penalties. Our experienced engineers efficiently steer public organizations clear of legal exposure.

How accessible is your solution?

Work with certified accessibility experts and make sure your solution is inclusive, accessible to all users equally, and compliant with accessibility standards.